The Goal of Mini Gut Rescue & How this Differs From Gut Rescue

As with Gut Rescue, the main goal is to understand your body and your gut better so you can live your best life! Everybody deserves a pain-free life. So this course still outlines the gut, digestion, the importance of stomach acid, the blood sugar roller coaster, outside influences and how they affect the gut, and provides gut-supportive recipes. It is more so an introduction to those topics, we are more or less dipping our toes into the gut-pool. But you are in the right place if you know you can and should feel better and want to learn how to support your body from the inside out using real foods!


  Welcome to Mini Gut Rescue!
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  The Gut!
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  The Importance of Stomach Acid
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  How to Eat for your Unique Body
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  Lifestyle Influences & The Gut
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  Gut Supportive Recipes
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What Past Clients Are Saying...

"For the first time in years, I have not had to take medication for my GERD. (Gastroesophageal reflux disease)."

  • Karen P.

"Awesome course with so much helpful information that when applied brought immediate results to the gut issues I had been experiencing along with so many other added health benefits for my body and sleep schedule."

  • Kylie G.

"A ton of easy to understand information about our bodies and how the different processes work. Small adjustments have already provided huge improvements for my body."

  • Lavon P.

Meet your Instructor

Courtney Podany is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Certified Personal Trainer who aims to simplify health and wellness for you. Her education and advice is broken down into easily implementable action items that involve transitioning to real foods and incorporating movement throughout your day. She is a busy mom so she understands new habits need to be executed quickly and fit into your current lifestyle. Her goal is to get you feeling better than you even knew possible.


  • What if I still experience symptoms after I've completed the course & implemented the recommendations?

Be patient. These things take time, especially if this has been a chronic problem. Nothing will be solved overnight. However, if you stick with it, you are likely to see results. However, you can always chat 1:1 with Courtney afterwards to address the problem.

  • Is this a self-paced course?

Yes! Upon purchase, you will instantly have access to ALL of the course material! You can go through it as quickly or slowly as you would like.

  • Will I have access to this course forever?

Yes, once enrolled it is yours to keep and review whenever you like.

  • Who can I contact if I have questions?

You will be able to email your instructor, Courtney, and will be provided her direct email address once inside the course.

  • Are there payment plan options available?

Absolutely! If you aren't able to pay in full, you can pay over 2 months. This information is beyond important for your health & I'd like to make it accessible to whoever needs it.

  • What if I purchase the course but then decide it is not for me?

There is a 30 day money back guarantee if this happens or something comes up.

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